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Edited By Clara Melton

Reviewed By Benjamin Walker

A year ago, I purchased the Bellhop Lamp from Flos, an Italian lighting company. At the time, I was looking for a versatile and stylish lamp that could fit into any space and provide a warm and cozy glow. After a year of use, I can confidently say that the Bellhop Lamp has exceeded my expectations.

In this review, I will share my ownership timeline of one year with the Bellhop Lamp, discussing its design, features, and performance. I will also include headings to make the review easy to navigate, and write in a witty tone to keep it fun and engaging.


The Bellhop Lamp boasts a sleek and modern design, with clean lines and a compact size. It is available in several color options, including white, black, grey, and pink, so you can choose the one that best fits your personal style and decor.

The lamp is made of anodized aluminum, which gives it a durable and high-quality feel. The top of the lamp features a dome-shaped diffuser that spreads light at a 360-degree angle, providing an even and soft glow.

One of the best things about the design of the Bellhop Lamp is that it is portable and rechargeable. It comes with a USB charging cable that allows you to charge it and use it wirelessly for up to 24 hours. This makes it perfect for use in a variety of settings, from your desk to your bedside table to your outdoor patio.


The Bellhop Lamp is packed with features that make it an excellent investment for anyone who loves good design and quality lighting. One of its most impressive features is its dimming function, which allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp to your liking.

To dim the Bellhop Lamp, all you have to do is hold down the power button until the light starts to dim. You can then release the button when you reach your desired level of brightness. This feature is particularly useful when you want to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Another great feature of the Bellhop Lamp is its color temperature. It has three different color temperature settings, including warm white, cool white, and neutral white. This means that you can customize the lighting to suit your mood and the time of day.


After using the Bellhop Lamp for a year, I can say that its performance is top-notch. The lamp provides a warm and soft glow that is perfect for creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. I especially love using it in the evening when I’m winding down and getting ready for bed.

The dimming function and color temperature settings make it easy to create a customized lighting experience, whether I’m reading a book or watching TV. And the fact that it’s portable and rechargeable means that I can take it with me wherever I go, whether I’m working at my desk or enjoying a nightcap on the patio.

Ownership Timeline

Month 1

Bellhop Lamp

I purchased the Bellhop Lamp in black and was immediately impressed by its sleek and modern design. I placed it on my bedside table and used it every night to read before bed. The dimming function was particularly useful for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Month 2

I started using the Bellhop Lamp at my desk during the day, and it provided the perfect amount of light for working. I was also impressed by its portability and ability to be used wirelessly, which made it easy to move from room to room.

Month 6

I hosted a dinner party and used the Bellhop Lamp as a centerpiece on my dining table. The soft and warm glow created a cozy and intimate atmosphere, and my guests were impressed by its stylish design.

Month 9

It has been nine months since I’ve been using the Bellhop Lamp, and I’m happy to report that it still looks and functions like new. The lamp has held up well to daily use, and I haven’t experienced any issues with it. I’ve also still received several compliments from guests who have admired its design and functionality.

Month 12

Bassamfellow Bellhop 1200px 2 83221

I’ve owned the Bellhop Lamp for a year now, and I can honestly say that it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. It’s a versatile, practical, and stylish lighting option that has become an essential part of my daily routine. The Bellhop Lamp is a well-designed product that has held up surprisingly well over time. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a high-quality and portable lamp.

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While it has many advantages, such as its portability and sleek design, there are also several potential disadvantages to consider:

Limited Lighting Range: The Bellhop Lamp is designed primarily for task lighting, which means that it may not be suitable for larger spaces or as a primary source of lighting in a room.

Limited Battery Life: The lamp’s battery life is limited, which means it may need to be recharged frequently if used for extended periods of time.

Limited Adjustability: While the Bellhop Lamp can be adjusted to three different levels of brightness, it cannot be adjusted to different angles or directions.

Fragility: The lamp’s compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport, but also means it may be more fragile and susceptible to damage than larger, heavier lamps.

Cost: The Bellhop Lamp is relatively expensive compared to other portable lamps, which may make it less accessible for some consumers.

It is important to consider these factors before purchasing the Bellhop Lamp to ensure that it meets your specific lighting needs and budget. But worry not about breaking the bank, ‘cause there are plenty of Bellhop Lamp replicas that probably will match it. Here are some examples of replica versions:

  • Flos IC Table Lamp by Michael Anastassiades
  • Pablo Designs Pixo Table Lamp by Pablo Pardo and Fernando Pardo
  • Muuto Control Table Lamp by TAF Studio
  • Koncept Mr. N LED Table Lamp by Kenneth Ng and Edmund Ng
  • Menu JWDA Table Lamp by Jonas Wagell
  • Hay PC Portable Table Lamp by Pierre Charpin
  • Marset Ginger Portable Table Lamp by Joan Gaspar
  • Artemide Tizio Desk Lamp by Richard Sapper
  • Lumina Daphine LED Table Lamp by Tommaso Cimini
  • Anglepoise Type 75 Desk Lamp by Kenneth Grange.


All in all, the Bellhop Lamp is a great product that I would highly recommend. It’s stylish, functional, and versatile, and it’s held up remarkably well over the past year. It also gets adored by everyone, including the expert.

At the Architectural Digest’s Cleverest Awards 2022, they chose Bellhop Lamp as one of the best living room items in 2022, curated by AD’s senior commerce editor, Rachel Fletcher. These awards spotlight the most desirable products to hit the market in the year. 

Another refresh of a more modern classic, the Italian-made Bellhop—designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby—received a fashion-forward update earlier this year that was inspired by the little black dress. Matte, a touch mysterious, and with a sophisticated look, this cheerful little lamp is equally practical: It can last a full 24 hours on a single charge.


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