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As a home cook, I know the importance of having the right kitchen appliances to make the cooking process easier and more enjoyable. When it comes to baking and roasting, a small electric oven can be a lifesaver, especially for those with limited space in their kitchens. 

That’s why I’ve spent the last few weeks trying out some of the best small electric ovens available in 2023. In this article, I’ll share my top picks for the best small electric ovens, based on my personal experience using and testing these appliances. Whether you’re a student living in a dorm or a homeowner with a compact kitchen, these ovens are sure to impress with their performance, features, and convenience.

What to Look for When Buying a Small Electric Oven


There are a few essential things to consider when buying a small electric oven to ensure you get the best one for your needs. Here are some key things to look for:

  1. Size and Capacity: Consider the size of the oven and its capacity to ensure that it fits your space and cooking needs. Look for an oven that is compact enough to fit on your countertop or in a small kitchen, but still has enough interior space to cook the foods you want.
  2. Cooking Functions: Consider what types of cooking functions you need, such as baking, broiling, toasting, and roasting. Some ovens also come with additional features like convection cooking, dehydrating, and air frying. Choose an oven with functions that match your cooking needs.
  3. Ease of Use: Look for an oven with an intuitive control panel and a clear display. Check that the controls are responsive and easy to use.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Choose an oven that is energy-efficient, with a low power consumption rating. This will help you save money on your electricity bills over time.
  5. Cleaning: Look for an oven with an easy-to-clean interior, ideally with a non-stick coating. Some ovens also have removable crumb trays that make cleaning a breeze.
  6. Brand and Price: Choose a reputable brand that has good reviews to ensure quality and reliability. Consider your budget and look for an oven that offers good value for money.
  7. Style and Design: Consider the style and design of the oven, and choose one that matches the look and feel of your kitchen. Look for an oven with a finish and design that complements your kitchen decor.

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Top 5 Small Electric Ovens

Without further ado, I present my top picks for the best small electric ovens.

5. ROTTOGOON 110V 90W Portable Food Warmer Personal Portable Oven

As someone who enjoys taking hot, homemade meals to work, I recently got my hands on the ROTTOGOON 110V 90W Portable Food Warmer Personal Portable Oven. After testing it out for a few days, here’s what I think of it.

Firstly, the ROTTOGOON small electric oven is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry around, which makes it a great option for people who are always on the go. I was impressed by how easy it was to set up and how quickly it warmed up my food. The oven is small and compact, which makes it ideal for heating up individual portions of food. Also, the ROTTOGOON oven’s heating technology works well and lets me enjoy a warm, tasty meal as if I had just cooked it.

However, there are some drawbacks to this portable oven. The first one is that it takes a bit of time to warm up food, so you’ll need to plan ahead and plug it in early enough to have your meal warm and ready when you need it. Also, the power cord is relatively short, so it can be a bit tricky to find a suitable outlet to plug it in.

Dimensions: 10.16 x 8.03 x 2.4 Inches | Weight: 1.63 Pounds | Material: Plastic

What I Like:
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Does a great job at keeping food warm
What I Don’t Like:
  • It takes some time to warm up food
  • Short power cord
Promising Review:

“I really love this lunch warmer. Already bought like 6 in the past yr to gift out and everyone tells me how much they love it.” – Amazon Customer, February 4, 202, on Amazon

4. Panasonic FlashXpress Toaster Oven

After using this small electric oven for a few weeks, here are my thoughts on this appliance.

First of all, the toaster oven is very easy to use. It has a simple interface and controls that are easy to understand. I was able to get the hang of it in no time, and I appreciate that it comes with presets for cooking different types of food, which takes the guesswork out of setting the temperature and cooking time.

In terms of cooking performance, the Panasonic FlashXpress Toaster Oven does not disappoint. It heats up quickly and cooks food evenly, with a powerful quartz and ceramic heating element that ensures your food is cooked to perfection.

The toaster oven also features a compact design that doesn’t take up too much counter space, yet it still has enough room to cook a decent-sized meal or bake a small batch of cookies.

However, there are a few downsides to this appliance. One of the main drawbacks is that the interior is relatively small, which may limit the types and sizes of dishes you can cook. Additionally, the crumb tray is not as easy to clean as I would like, and it can be a bit messy to clean up after using the toaster oven.

Dimensions: 14.5 x 13.5 x 13.75 Inches | Weight: 7.5 Pounds | Wattage: 1300 Watts

What I Like:
  • Easy to use
  • Heats up quickly and cooks evenly
  • Compact design
What I Don’t Like:
  • Small interior
  • The crumb tray is not easy to clean
Promising Review:

“While it feels a little cheap, I do have to say that it toasts like a champ. Bread for me, bagels for the wife. Some mini cheese quesadillas. The light is almost too bright but you can see everything.” Dead Bird, February 16, 2023, on Amazon

3. Instant Omni Plus 19 QT/18L Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

The Instant Omni Plus Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo is a versatile appliance that can handle a wide range of cooking tasks. It has several preset cooking functions for baking, roasting, broiling, and air frying, which makes it easy to cook different types of food. The oven is also spacious enough to fit a whole chicken or a 12-inch pizza, which is perfect for feeding a small family.

The air fryer function of the Instant Omni Plus is fantastic, and I love that it can cook food with little to no oil, making it a healthier option. The oven heats up quickly and cooks food evenly, which ensures that your food is always perfectly cooked. I also appreciate the fact that the oven has a digital display, which makes it easy to set the temperature and cooking time.

A few drawbacks to this appliance are: first, it is a bit larger than other toaster ovens, which may be a problem if you have limited counter space. Additionally, it can be a bit noisy when in use, which may be a turn-off for some users. Lastly, the price point of the Instant Omni Plus is a bit high compared to other toaster ovens on the market, which may not be budget-friendly for some consumers.

Dimensions: 16.53 x 15.74 x 13.89 Inches | Weight: 29.6 Pounds | Capacity: 18 Liters | Wattage: 1800 Watts

What I Like:
  • Several preset cooking functions
  • Spacious
  • Digital display
What I Don’t Like:
  • A bit larger than other toaster ovens
  • A bit noisy
  • Pricey
Promising Review:

“I absolutely love it! It is so easy to use, easy to clean, heats up super fast and the food comes out great. It does a really good job reheating things that need to be crispy, as well as all the other functions (air frying, etc.).” – Sandy, February 18, 2023, on Amazon

2. Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven

The Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven is incredibly convenient and easy to use. It’s perfect for people who don’t have access to a traditional oven or microwave. The appliance comes with a cord that plugs into a wall socket or car charger, making it possible to heat up food on the go. I appreciate that the Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven has a built-in carrying handle, which makes it easy to transport, and it’s compact enough to fit in a backpack or purse.

In terms of performance, the Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven heats up food evenly and efficiently. It uses low-slow conduction heat to gently warm up your food, which means that it doesn’t dry it out or overcook it. The appliance is also versatile, and it can be used to heat up a variety of foods, including leftovers, frozen meals, and even raw food.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this appliance. Firstly, the Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven is not suitable for cooking raw food, as it only heats up food to a warm temperature. This means that you can’t use it to cook raw meat or vegetables. Additionally, the appliance has a limited capacity, which means that you can only heat up small portions of food at a time.

Dimensions: 6.75 x 8.75 x 2.5 Inches | Weight: 0.01 Ounces | Capacity: 6 Cups | Wattage: 45 Watts

What I Like:
  • Convenient & easy to use
  • Heats up food evenly and efficiently
  • Comes with a built-in carrying handle
What I Don’t Like:
  • Not suitable for cooking raw food
  • Has a limited capacity
  • The cord is not very long
Promising Review:

“This little baby is a perfect size, easy to clean and most of all it really works” – J. Olive,  February 16, 2023, on Amazon

1. Breville Mini Smart Toaster Oven

The Breville Mini Smart Toaster Oven is a sleek and stylish appliance that looks great on my kitchen counter. It is also incredibly versatile, and it can be used to bake, broil, roast, and toast a variety of foods, including pizza, cookies, and even a whole chicken.

One of the standout features of the Breville Mini Smart Toaster Oven is its “smart” functionality. It comes with an LCD screen that displays temperature, cooking time, and other settings, and it also has a variety of pre-set cooking functions that make it easy to cook your favorite meals with just the touch of a button. The oven also has a “smart” element IQ system, which distributes heat throughout the oven to ensure that your food is cooked evenly.

My only complaint is that the Breville Mini Smart Toaster Oven is quite small, which means that it may not be suitable for larger families or for cooking larger meals. The oven is also quite heavy, which can make it difficult to move around or store when not in use.

Dimensions: 17.7 x 10.5 x 12.9 Inches | Weight: 15.2 Pounds | Capacity: 0.45 Cubic Feet | Wattage: 1800 Watts

What I Like:
  • Versatile
  • Smart functionality
  • Element IQ system
  • Sleek & stylish design
What I Don’t Like:
  • Small capacity
  • Quite heavy
Promising Review:

“Family of 5 has been using this toaster for 2+ years. Consistently excellent quality without problems in that time. Easily gets used 7-10 times/day.” – James, February 10, 2023, on Amazon 


In conclusion, after carefully considering the features and performance of various small electric ovens, the Breville Mini Smart Toaster Oven stands out as the top choice. Its impressive versatility, intelligent functionality, Element IQ system, and attractive design make it a standout product. However, if you prefer a smaller option, the ROTTOGOON 110V 90W Portable Food Warmer Personal Portable Oven or the Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven are also excellent choices. Ultimately, choosing the best small electric oven for your needs depends on your specific preferences and requirements, but these three models are all excellent options to consider.

FAQs Related to Small Electric Ovens

Are smaller ovens more efficient?

Mini ovens use less electricity than traditional ovens because they heat your food in less time. Less time spent cooking food means less time spent using electricity, which may be beneficial to your electric bill.

How much electricity does a small electric oven use?

Most small electric ovens consume between 2,000 and 5,000 watts, while the average electric stove consumes around 3,000 watts. So, how much energy is consumed by an electric stove per hour? Assuming a 12-cent per kilowatt-hour (kWh) electricity rate, a 3000-watt oven will cost you about 36 cents per hour at high heat.

What can you cook in a small electric oven?

You can make almost anything in your mini oven — in fact, you can make anything you can make in a regular oven, just smaller. You can roast chicken, bacon, fish filets (because fish requires the least amount of heat), pizza, fries, cookies, and much more!

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