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Are you tired of dull and boring floors? Want to add some color and personality to your living space? Look no further than a vibrant red oriental rug!

Not only do these rugs add a pop of color to any room, but they also offer a touch of elegance and sophistication. In this article, we’ve scoured the market to bring you the 5 best red oriental rugs that will bring life to your floors and create a cozy atmosphere.

So, get ready to spice up your space with these beautiful and stylish rugs!

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5 Best Red Oriental Rug

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Lahome Boho Tribal Area Rug

Lahome Boho Tribal Area Rug


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4.5 out of 5 | 3,184 ratings


I’m in love with Lahome Boho Tribal Area Rug! The intricate printed texture on the soft polyester base is so stunning. The teal blue classic diamond center and red and cream border, complete with tribal elements, create a unique and vibrant look that would complement any decor.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also highly functional. The low pile surface and reinforced overlock edges make it virtually non-shedding and super soft underfoot. The skid-resistant TPE backing keeps it in place, making it safe for everyday use in busy areas.

I placed it by the end of my bed as a cozy accent, but it could easily work as an accent rug for a favorite sofa or as a throw rug in a patio or living room. The best part? It’s machine washable! The rug is safe in the washing machine and dries quickly due to its thin pile design.

I highly recommend the Lahome Boho Tribal Area Rug to anyone looking to add a pop of color and style to their home. It’s functional, beautiful, and easy to clean.

Dimensions: ‎36″L x 24″W | Item Weight: ‎10.94 pounds | Material: ‎Faux Wool

  • Exclusive design with intricate printed texture on a soft-underfoot polyester base.
  • Non-shedding and non-slip, with reinforced overlock edges and skid-resistant TPE backing.
  • Soft, low-pile surface made of enhanced synthetic durable fibers that resist color fading.
  • Machine washable for endless convenience.
  • It may require additional time for creases to relax.
  • It is not suitable for outdoor use due to its thin pile design.

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Antep Rugs Alfombras Oriental Traditional

Antep Rugs Alfombras Oriental Traditional

4.5 out of 5 | 72 ratings


Antep Rugs Alfombras Oriental Traditional is a beautiful, versatile area rug that complements any décor. Its classic color scheme and practical size make it an attractive addition to any room, whether it’s a living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Made from 100% polypropylene, this rug is both durable and comfortable. Its low pile height offers comfort without being too bulky for pets, guests, and children. It’s also stain-resistant, which means it can stand up to regular wear and tear for years to come.

One of the best things about this rug is its low maintenance. It can be easily maintained with regular vacuuming and spot cleaning as needed. No additional rug pad is needed, making it lightweight and easy to move around.

Antep Rugs Alfombras Oriental Traditional is dedicated to quality, manufacturing, and importing high-quality area rugs from Turkey. With this rug, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product that will stand the test of time!

Dimensions: ‎120″L x 94″W | Item Weight: 20.8 pounds | Material: Polypropylene

  • Versatile good looks that complement any decor style.
  • Durable comfort with stain-resistant and stylish 100% Polypropylene material.
  • Low pile height that offers comfort without being too bulky.
  • Low-maintenance floor rug that stands up to regular wear and tear with ease.
  • The rug may slip on hardwood floors without a rug pad underneath.

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Rugland Tribal Area Rugs

Rugland Tribal Area Rugs

4.4 out of 5 | 670 ratings


As soon as I laid eyes on the Rugland Tribal Area Rug, I knew it would be the perfect addition to my home. The vintage-inspired design is digitally printed, making the details impossible to replicate by hand. The distressed accents and opulent Oriental print are stunning.

Not only is this rug beautiful, it is also convenient. The anti-slip backing ensures that the rug stays in place, making it perfect for high-traffic areas such as the living room or dining room. The fluffy low pile and outstanding durability mean that this rug is easy to care for.

One of the best features of this rug is that it is machine washable, making it easy to keep clean. With its ultra-soft velvet surface, stepping on it feels like a luxurious treat for your feet. It rolls out smoothly without any crinkles or bends, making it a seamless addition to any room.

I also appreciate that this Rugland Tribal Area Rugs is versatile and can be used in a variety of living spaces. It is perfect for adding a touch of vintage beauty to any room in the house.

Dimensions: ‎84″L x 60″W | Item Weight: 8 pounds | Material: Microfiber

  • Machine washable for easy care and maintenance.
  • Fluffy low pile design with anti-slip backing.
  • Ultra-soft velvet surface for a comfortable feel underfoot.
  • Digitally printed vintage-inspired design with distressed accents and opulent Oriental print.
  • It may not work for those looking for a thicker or higher pile rug.
  • It may have a more traditional design that may not fit some modern decor styles.

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Loloi II Loren Collection Area Rug

Loloi II Loren Collection Area Rug


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4.5 out of 5 | 4,210 ratings


As I redecorated my living room, I searched for the perfect red oriental rug to complete the look. That’s when I discovered the Loloi II Loren Collection Area Rug, and I was instantly captivated by its timeless and classic design.

The vintage looks, combined with the affordability of this rug, make it an excellent choice for any home. I was impressed by the advanced rug-making technology used to create these designs, providing a textured effect by portraying every single knot on a soft polyester base.

The Loren Collection Area Rug is power-loomed in Turkey with 100% Polyester and cotton backing, making it beautiful and durable. Although the rug pad is not included, I highly recommend purchasing one for added comfort, longevity, and floor protection.

Upon arrival, the rug may contain temporary creases, but no need to worry, as they will settle and flatten over time. Overall, I highly recommend the Loloi II Loren Collection Area Rug to anyone looking for a stunning and long-lasting red oriental rug to enhance their home decor.

Dimensions: ‎90″L x 60″W | Item Weight: 2.29 pounds | Material: Polyester

  • Timeless and classic design adds a vintage touch to any room.
  • Affordable price for a high-quality hand-knotted look.
  • Advanced rug-making technology provides a textured effect on a soft polyester base.
  • Power loomed in Turkey using high-quality materials for added durability.
  • Easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting use.
  • Rug pad not included, which is highly recommended for added comfort and floor protection.
  • May contain temporary creases upon arrival, which may take time to settle.

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Valenrug Antique Collection Area Rug

Valenrug Antique Collection Area Rug

4.4 out of 5 | 844 ratings


One of the standout features of this rug is how easy it is to clean. As a busy parent, spills and stains are inevitable, but with this rug’s spill and stain-resistant design and lightweight, ultra-thin construction, it’s a breeze to schlep to the washing machine for a deep clean.

But just because it’s easy to clean doesn’t mean it skimps on comfort. The premium microfiber yarns create a soft and comfortable surface that’s perfect for kids and pets to play on, while the low-pile design makes it suitable for high-traffic areas like the living room, or dining room.

And let’s talk about the style. The elegant and classic designs of the antique prints add a refreshing boost of color to any room. Whether you prefer medallion, boho, antique, vintage, or traditional, you’ll find a rug that ties your decor together.

Plus, the rug backing is coated with textured TPR to help it stay in place without needing an extra rug pad. Overall, the Valenrug Antique Collection Area Rug offers the perfect combination of style, comfort, and convenience, making it the best choice for any home.

Dimensions: 84″L x 60″W | Item Weight: 9 pounds | Material: Microfiber

  • Lightweight and easy to maintain with machine-washable and spill-resistant features.
  • Super soft and comfortable with a low-fuzz design, suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • Anti-slip and foldable with a textured TPR backing, no extra rug pad is needed.
  • Laundering is a breeze with simple cleaning methods and no need for special equipment.
  • The low pile height may not be suitable for those looking for a thicker or more plush rug.
  • The rug may arrive with some creases, requiring a few days for them to fade away.

Factors To Consider When Buying Red Oriental Rug

If you want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home decor, a red Oriental rug can be a great choice. However, with so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Here are some factors to consider when buying a red Oriental rug:

  • Quality and Material: Look for high-quality wool or silk rugs to ensure durability and longevity. Handmade rugs are also a good option as they often have intricate details and unique designs.
  • Size and Shape: Consider the size of the room and the furniture placement when selecting the size and shape of your rug. A larger rug can make a room feel more spacious, while a smaller one can create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Color and Design: While the color red is a common feature in Oriental rugs, there are many shades and designs available to choose from. Consider the room’s overall color scheme and the rug’s style before deciding.
  • Price: Oriental rugs can vary greatly in price depending on factors such as size, material, and craftsmanship. Determine your budget beforehand and look for rugs within your price range.

By considering these factors, you can find the perfect red Oriental rug to elevate your home decor.


After researching and testing various options, I am confident in my choice of the Valenrug Antique Collection Area Rug as the best choice for a red oriental rug.

Its lightweight and washable design makes it easy to maintain, while the premium microfiber yarns provide a soft and comfortable surface for kids and pets to play on. The anti-slip backing eliminates the need for an additional rug pad and the elegant and classic styles will tie any room together.

Overall, I highly recommend the Valenrug Antique Collection Area Rug for anyone searching for a beautiful and functional red oriental rug for their home. Its timeless design and practical features make it an excellent investment for any space.

FAQs Related to Red Oriental Rug

What is a red Oriental rug?

A red Oriental rug is a type of rug or carpet that is typically made in the traditional style of rug-making from Asia, specifically from the Middle East or the Far East. It is known for its intricate designs and patterns, which are often symbolic and significant in Asian culture.

What makes a red Oriental rug special?

A red Oriental rug is special because of its intricate designs and patterns, often symbolic and significant in Asian culture. It is also made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, making it a durable and long-lasting investment piece.

How do I care for a red Oriental rug?

To care for a red Oriental rug, it is important to vacuum it regularly to remove dust and dirt. Rotating the rug every few months is also recommended to ensure even wear. If there are any spills or stains, they should be cleaned immediately with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning solution. It is also important to avoid placing the rug in direct sunlight or in a damp area, as this can cause damage to the fibers.

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