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Step into the world of Woven Palo, a material that embodies the synergy of tradition and innovation in Sohnne’s furniture. This detailed narrative captures the essence of Woven Palo, highlighting its historical significance, meticulous crafting process, and its role in sustainable home decor.


  • HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCEWoven Palo has its origins steeped in tradition, serving as a testament to the timeless art of weaving. Its use in furniture dates back several generations, blending age-old techniques with modern design sensibilities. This material not only enriches the aesthetic of a space but also carries the legacy of artisanal excellence.
  • CRAFTING PROCESS – The production of Woven Palo is a testament to the skill of Sohnne’s artisans. Each strand is carefully selected and handwoven, creating textures that are both intricate and robust. The process ensures that every piece of Woven Palo is unique, with a quality that is built to last.
  • ASSEMBLY TECHNIQUES – Integrating Woven Palo into furniture involves precise techniques that enhance both the material’s beauty and functionality. Sohnne employs advanced assembly methods that respect the natural properties of the material while ensuring a product that is both sturdy and stylish.
  • QUALITY CONTROL – Sohnne’s commitment to excellence is evident in its rigorous quality control measures for Woven Palo. Each batch undergoes thorough inspections to maintain a standard of quality that meets global standards. This ensures that the material not only looks great but performs exceptionally over time.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT – Emphasizing sustainability, Woven Palo is sourced and produced with environmental consciousness. Its processing minimizes waste and promotes the use of sustainable resources, making it an eco-friendly choice for modern furniture.
  • EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE – Our dedicated customer service team is ready to assist you with any questions about ordering samples. Simply email us at services support@sohnne.com . Provide your full name, address, phone number, and the samples you wish to request. Samples are dispatched upon confirmation from our team.


Elevate Your Space with Woven Palo, with its rich history, artisanal charm, and commitment to quality and sustainability, Woven Palo is more than just a material—it’s a choice for a better future. Invite the elegance and durability of Woven Palo into your home with Sohnne, where tradition meets modern living. Explore the possibilities with Sohnne today.