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Strie Velvet symbolizes a legacy of elegance and comfort within the furniture realm, cherished from historic royal settings to contemporary homes. Each thread is a testament to the craftsmanship that Sohnne artisans bring to their work, ensuring that every inch of Strie Velvet speaks of luxury. This material not only enhances aesthetics but also promises a touch that evokes a sense of regal history.


Our meticulous assembly process ensures that every piece of furniture bearing the Strie Velvet mark is built to last, marrying classic techniques with modern innovations. The dedication to quality control is evident in the flawless appearance and resilience of our fabrics, which undergo rigorous testing to meet high standards. These efforts culminate in a product that consistently exceeds the expectations of both designers and homeowners alike.


Choosing Strie Velvet means embracing a sustainable luxury. Sohnne’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices is interwoven with the production of this exquisite material, reflecting our dedication to the planet and our clientele. Transform your living space with Strie Velvet and experience a product where history, craftsmanship, and responsibility converge.