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Over the years, sheepskin has been admired and used as a material and as a piece of history in high-end furniture. Sonne knows how to use high-quality wool to make pieces that are both comfortable and long-lasting. As a result of its great feel, this material is a favorite among serious furniture lovers.


Our skilled artists carefully choose and treat each sheepskin hide to bring out its natural beauty and usefulness. The process of making the furniture combines old and new skills, so each piece is both comfortable and long-lasting. In addition to being soft, sheepskin naturally doesn’t stain or collect dust, which makes it as useful as it is pretty.


Our responsible selection of sheepskin shows how much Sohnne cares about taking care of the earth. Not only does this method help keep the environment in balance, but it also gives our customers a sustainable option for high-end furniture. Using sheepskin in your decor not only makes it look better, but it also encourages a greener way of life, which will appeal to people who care about the environment and like well-made, long-lasting furniture.