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Traditionally associated with high fashion, cashmere has been accepted by Sohnne for its luxurious traits and exceptional comfort in furniture design. From the high, icy areas where Kashmir goats are raised to modern furnishings, cashmere has shown its adaptability and enduring appeal. Sohnne has effectively used this material to enhance house aesthetics and provide an unmatched tactile experience.


A sequence of meticulous procedures turns raw cashmere into a luxurious fabric. Soft, insulating Kashmir goat hair is delicately collected and woven into beautiful yarns. In his furniture designs, Sohnne uses high-quality textiles made from these yarns.


From spinning to weaving, cashmere is handled carefully to preserve its inherent properties. Sohnne’s assembly methods value sustainability, guaranteeing that cashmere doesn’t harm the environment. To ensure product longevity and quality, strict quality controls are implemented throughout.


Its inherent breathability, hypoallergenic characteristics, and exceptional insulation make it ideal for any situation, combining practicality and plushness. Sohnne’s cashmere furniture is selected by discriminating homeowners who want elegance and substance in their homes because of its refinement and sustainable luxury.