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I’m not much of a lamp person. Most lamps I’ve come across in my life have been rather boring—just functional, uninspiring, and often relegated to the background of any room. That is until I stumbled upon the Nelson Floor Lamp. A year ago, I purchased this lamp on a whim, and boy, am I glad I did. It’s a true conversation starter, and it has a personality that’s hard to ignore. In this review, I’ll be sharing my experiences with the Nelson Floor Lamp over the past year.

The Design

The first thing you’ll notice about this lamp is its unique, almost quirky design. The shade is shaped like a lotus flower and is made of white plastic, while the stem and base are made of sturdy, brushed metal. It stands at about five feet tall, making it the perfect height for placing next to your favorite armchair or sofa. The lamp’s shape is both organic and futuristic, making it a standout piece in any room.

Nelson Floor Lamp

The light that emanates from the shade is soft, diffused, and almost ethereal. The shade is perforated, which allows for the light to seep through in a myriad of patterns, casting shadows that are just as fascinating as the lamp itself. I’ve found that the light is perfect for creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere in a room, especially when paired with some ambient music.

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With an effortless assembly process, I was able to construct my Nelson Floor Lamp in no time. After effortlessly screwing the stem into the base and shade onto its peak within 10 minutes, my lamp came alive without any extra help or tools necessary!


I’m happy to report that the Nelson Floor Lamp has held up exceptionally well over the past year. I’ve accidentally knocked it over a few times (I’m clumsy, what can I say?), and it has yet to sustain any damage. The shade is made of a durable plastic material that doesn’t crack or scratch easily, and the metal stem and base have proven to be sturdy and stable. I’ve even moved the lamp to a new apartment, and it survived the journey with no issues.


While the Nelson Floor Lamp is undoubtedly a work of art, it’s also a practical and functional lamp. It provides ample light for reading, writing, or just relaxing, and the perforated shade ensures that the light is never harsh or glaring. The lamp’s height and design make it easy to place in any room, and it’s lightweight enough to move around whenever you need to change up your décor.

The Verdict

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my purchase of the Nelson Floor Lamp. It’s a unique, visually stunning piece that has brought a lot of joy and character to my home. It’s also a practical and durable lamp that I’ve been able to use on a daily basis. If you’re in the market for a lamp that’s more than just functional, I highly recommend giving the Nelson Floor Lamp a try. It’s sure to add some personality and charm to any space.

Nonetheless, this iconic lamp may not be for everyone. Its features must be carefully weighed before making the purchase decision – mulling over its advantages as well as any potential drawbacks that could arise from ownership of such a piece.

Nelson Floor Lamp 2023
Source: hermanmiller.com

Price: The Nelson Floor Lamp is a high-end designer lamp, which means that it can be quite expensive. This may make it inaccessible to people on a tight budget.

Fragility: The lampshade of the Nelson Floor Lamp is made of delicate, thin plastic that can be easily scratched or dented. This may make the lamp less durable over time, especially if it is not handled with care.

Limited adjustability: The lamp is designed to provide a soft, diffused light that is best suited for ambient lighting. However, its fixed position may not be ideal for tasks that require more focused lighting or specific angles.

Bulb compatibility: The lamp requires a specific type of bulb, and not all bulbs may be compatible with it. This may limit the user’s options when it comes to choosing a bulb or may require them to purchase a specific type of bulb that may be more difficult to find or more expensive.

Style: The unique, sculptural design of the lamp may not be to everyone’s taste. While some people may appreciate the lamp’s aesthetic appeal, others may find it too avant-garde or impractical for their needs.

Other Version

If you’re looking to save money on big-ticket items, why not consider getting a lookalike version of the product instead? Here are some of the replica products that will let you enjoy all the features without breaking your budget.

Nelson Cigar Floor Lamp – a similar design by George Nelson, featuring a white plastic shade with a brushed nickel stem and base.

Adesso Bowery 3-Arm Arc Floor Lamp – a contemporary arc lamp with three adjustable arms and white fabric shades that can provide similar lighting effects to the Nelson Cigar Lotus Lamp.

Brightech Hudson Floor Lamp – a sleek and minimalist floor lamp with a circular base and a cylindrical fabric shade that emits a soft and warm glow.

CB2 Big Dipper Arc Lamp – an oversized arc lamp with a round white shade that can create a dramatic and eye-catching lighting display in any space.

Artemide Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp – a modern and versatile floor lamp with a fully adjustable arm and a large parchment shade that can provide both direct and indirect light sources.

Ownership Timeline

Month 1: Love at First Sight

As soon as I unboxed the Nelson Floor Lamp, I knew I had made the right choice. The lamp was easy to assemble, and once it was plugged in, it immediately transformed my living room into a cozy and inviting space. The soft diffused light that emanated from the lotus-shaped shade was perfect for creating a warm and comfortable ambiance. I knew I was going to love this lamp for a long time.

Month 3: The Perfect Reading Companion

As an avid reader, I spend a lot of time curled up with a good book. And the Nelson Floor Lamp has been the perfect reading companion. The adjustable height of the lamp allows me to position the shade exactly where I need it, providing the perfect amount of light for my reading needs. And because the lamp uses an energy-efficient LED bulb, I can read for hours without worrying about eye strain or energy bills.

Month 6: A Conversation Starter

I can’t count the number of times that guests in my home have asked me about the Nelson Floor Lamp. Its unique design is a real conversation starter. Whether guests are admiring the lotus-shaped shade or the slender stem, the lamp always seems to capture their attention. And, of course, I always take the opportunity to brag about my excellent taste in home decor.

Month 9: A Bright Spot in Dark Times

As the pandemic has stretched on, and winter has settled in, I’ve found myself spending more time at home than ever before. And the Nelson Floor Lamp has been a real bright spot in these dark times. Its warm and comforting light has been a source of solace and comfort during long and lonely evenings. I don’t know what I would do without it.

Month 12: Still Going Strong

As my first year of ownership of the Nelson Floor Lamp comes to a close, I’m happy to report that the lamp is still going strong. The LED bulb has yet to burn out, and the sleek and stylish design still looks as good as the day I bought it. I’ve even received a few compliments from guests who have seen the lamp multiple times, proving that its timeless design is truly enduring.

Final Thoughts: A Worthy Investment

Overall, the Atollo Lamp has been a worthy investment. It’s a statement piece that adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Its functionality and ease of use make it a practical choice as well. I’m so happy with my purchase, and I would highly recommend this lamp to anyone in the market for a new one.

So there you have it, folks: my Atollo Lamp review after a year of ownership. If you’re looking for a lamp that is both stylish and functional, the Atollo Lamp is a great choice. Trust me, it will light up your life in more ways than one.

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