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Are you looking to elevate your home style in 2023? One simple way to do this is by updating your bookshelf decor. Not only can a bookshelf be a functional way to store your favorite books and items, but it can also serve as a stunning focal point in your home.

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In this article, I will explore 5 stunning bookshelf decor ideas to help you elevate your home style in 2023. From incorporating plants and artwork to mixing textures and colors, these ideas will inspire you to create a unique and personalized bookshelf that will impress your guests and reflect your personal style.

Whether you’re a minimalist or love bold statement pieces, these bookshelf decor ideas will help you transform your home into a stylish and inviting space.

5 Best Bookshelf Decor Ideas

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SKY FORTUNE Floor Lamp with Shelves

SKY FORTUNE Floor Lamp with Shelves

4.4 out of 5 | 128 ratings


The SKY FORTUNE Floor Lamp with Shelves is an excellent addition to any room as it provides both functional and decorative features. The 3-in-1 cuboid shelf floor lamp has a sleek and elegant appearance that suits any decoration style. With the TC lamp shade and wood grain finish, it exudes simplicity and elegance that complements any modern decor.

One of the unique features of this lamp is the smart charging function, which allows for the charging of multiple devices, including iPhones, Androids, laptops, and tablets. The lamp also comes with a long standby LED bulb, which is energy-saving and long-lasting, making it an eco-friendly option.

The SKY FORTUNE floor lamp is also an excellent way to save floor space. Its slender design allows it to fit easily beside furniture like sofas, armchairs, and side tables, while the weighted base ensures stability. The lamp is also multifunctional, providing extra space for displaying art, plants, and books, and storing remotes and other essentials.

Dimensions: ‎10.25″D x 10.25″W x 63″H | Item Weight: 12.2 pounds | Material: Wood

Reason to buy:
  • It’s a perfect solution for those who want to save floor space and simplify their home decor.
  • The energy-saving LED bulb not only saves money on electricity bills but also lasts longer than traditional bulbs.
  • The lamp is compatible with smart bulbs and Wi-Fi sockets, enabling easy control via Alexa or an app.
  • The lamp’s wood grain appearance and floral decorative shade panels create a simple yet elegant appearance that complements any decor style.
Reason to avoid:
  • The cuboid shelves are relatively small and may not be sufficient for those who need more storage space.

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Claimed Corner Acrylic Ladder Bookcase

Claimed Corner Acrylic Ladder Bookcase

5 out of 5 | 14 ratings


Another thing that I appreciate about the Claim Corner Acrylic Ladder Bookcase is its modern design. The clear acrylic ladder stand is a standout non-wood option that will beautify and expand interior storage space for your living room, home office, study, or bedroom. The design is simple yet elegant, and it can fit in with any interior design style.

However, I have one issue with the bookcase, and that is the packaging. Although the custom form-fitting foam packaging is a great idea, the bookcase I received had some scratches and marks on it. It was not a big issue, but it was a bit disappointing.

Overall, the Claim Corner Acrylic Ladder Bookcase is a great investment for anyone looking for a modern and functional bookshelf. The fast installation and sturdiness make it an excellent choice for anyone who values both aesthetics and functionality.

Dimensions: ‎18″D x 24.5″W x 72″H | Item Weight: 36.9 pounds | Material: Acrylic

Reason to buy:
  • The Claimed Corner Acrylic Ladder Bookcase has a modern and stylish design that adds a unique touch to any room.
  • The clear acrylic frame is durable and easy to clean.
  • The bookcase can be wall-mounted, saving floor space and providing extra stability.
  • The labeling and clear instructions make installation easy and accessible, even for those with little experience.
Reason to avoid:
  • The bookcase I received had some scratches and marks on it

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Kingfun 72 Inch Corner Shelf

Kingfun 72 Inch Corner Shelf


Now 15% off

4.6 out of 5 | 45 ratings


The Kingfun 72 Inch Corner Shelf is a great choice for anyone looking for a multifunctional bookshelf with a modern and elegant design. It features five fan-shaped open shelves with a multi-hook design, making it perfect for storing books, photos, plants, and other decorative items.

This corner shelf also has several thoughtful details, such as each layer of countertop having a baffle to prevent items from falling, and iron mesh and S hooks for additional storage space. Additionally, its A-type and 3-leg structure come in black and brown or pure white, ensuring that it will blend seamlessly with any home decor.

One of the best things about the Kingfun 72 Inch Corner Shelf is, it is constructed with high-quality board and a unique metal frame, this corner shelf is sturdy and stable, with a reassuring load capacity of 40 lbs per panel. Overall, this bookshelf is a great investment for anyone looking to add style and functionality to their living space.

Dimensions: 16.14″D x 16.14″W x 72.24″H | Item Weight: 27.5 pounds | Material: Birch, Cherry, Pine, Oak, Metal

Reason to buy:
  • This corner shelf can be used as a bookshelf, photo rack, plant ladder, and more.
  • The combination of high-quality board and metal frame ensures that this bookshelf is stable and can withstand a weight of up to 40 lbs per panel.
  • The addition of S-hooks and other storage options make it easy to organize and store your belongings.
  • The A-type & 3-leg structure wood corner shelf is available in classic black & brown or simple pure white, making it easy to blend in with any home decor.
Reason to avoid:
  • The only downside that I encountered was that the shipment took a bit longer than expected.

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Tribesigns 4-Tier White Bookshelf

Tribesigns 4-Tier White Bookshelf


Now 16% off

4.5 out of 5 | 489 ratings


Tribesigns 4-Tier White Bookshelf stands out as an excellent bookshelf decor choice due to its multifunctional design and high-quality construction. With its 4-tier shelf design, this bookcase is perfect for storing books, photos, CDs, trinkets, and office essentials in style.

What’s more, the bookshelf features a 2 tier-drawer storage design that provides a private room to preserve your important documents, letters, and favorite office supplies. The drawers are large enough to meet diversifying storage demands, making this bookshelf perfect for organizing your workspace.

Overall, the Tribesigns 4-Tier White Bookshelf is an excellent choice for those looking for multifunctional and high-quality bookshelf decor. Its spacious design, 2 tier-drawer storage, and sturdy construction make it a reliable and stylish storage solution for any room.

Dimensions: 15.7″D x 23.6″W x 60″H | Item Weight: 70.54 pounds | Material: Engineered Wood, Metal

Reason to buy:
  • The 4-tier design provides ample storage space for books, photos, CDs, trinkets, and office essentials.
  • The 2-tier large drawers offer a private space to store important documents, letters, and favorite office supplies.
  • The environmentally preferred laminated particle panels prevent scratches, and resist stains and dents for long-term use, ensuring durability.
Reason to avoid:
  • The all-white design may not suit everyone’s taste and may require more maintenance to keep clean.

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DKLGG 5-Tier Book Shelf Rack Against The Wall

DKLGG 5-Tier Book Shelf Rack Against The Wall

4.4 out of 5 | 63 ratings


The DKLGG 5-Tier Book Shelf Rack Against The Wall is a modern and functional bookshelf that draws inspiration from industrial furniture. One of the things that I like about this bookshelf is that it provides both decorative and functional features, making it a premium addition to any bedroom or living room.

The 5-tier ladder shelf is also arranged vertically, maximizing the use of space and providing ample storage for books, candles, cups, or any household items that you need. The wooden ladder shelf is versatile and can be used as a bedroom shelf, living room bookcase, office bookcase, plant stand shelf, display rack, and more.

One downside to this bookshelf is that it requires assembly, although it is designed to be easy to assemble with intelligently organized parts and instructions. Overall, the DKLGG 5-Tier Book Shelf Rack Against The Wall is a stylish and functional bookshelf that would be a great addition to any home or office.

Dimensions: ‎11″D x 23″W x 70″H | Item Weight: N/A pounds | Material: Engineered Wood

Reason to buy:
  • Modern and stylish design inspired by industrial furniture.
  • The wall-mount feature ensures stability and maximum use of space.
  • Strong metal material for durability.
  • Large storage capacity with the 5-tier arrangement.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes such as bedroom shelves, living room bookcases, office bookcases, plant stand shelves, display racks, and more.
Reason to avoid:
  • May not be suitable for storing heavier items due to the weight capacity of 20 pounds per layer.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Bookshelf Decor

When considering buying a bookshelf decor, there are several factors to keep in mind. Here are some of the most important factors to consider:

  • Style: Choose a style that matches the overall look and feel of your home decor. There are many styles available, including modern, traditional, rustic, and industrial.
  • Size: Consider the size of the bookshelf and make sure it fits the space where you plan to place it. Take measurements of the wall or room to ensure it will fit properly.
  • Material: Choose a material that fits your style and needs. Popular materials include wood, metal, glass, and plastic.
  • Durability: Look for a bookshelf that is made with sturdy materials and has a strong construction. It should be able to support the weight of your books and decorative items.
  • Storage: Consider the amount of storage you need and the type of items you want to display. Some bookshelves have adjustable shelves, while others have fixed shelves.
  • Price: Set a budget and choose a bookshelf that fits within your price range.
  • Installation: Consider how easy the bookshelf is to assemble and install. Look for a bookshelf that comes with clear instructions and all the necessary hardware.

By considering these factors, you can choose a bookshelf decor that not only looks great but also fits your practical needs and budget.


After carefully considering the features and benefits of each of the five bookshelves, I have concluded that the DKLGG 5-Tier Book Shelf Rack Against The Wall is the best choice for my home.

Its modern design, stable ladder structure, durable materials, large storage capacity, and easy assembly process make it stand out among the other options. Additionally, the fact that it can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a bedroom shelf or a plant stand, adds to its versatility.

While each of the other bookshelves had its own strengths, the DKLGG 5-Tier Book Shelf Rack Against The Wall ultimately met my specific needs and preferences for a bookshelf decor.

FAQs Related to Bookshelf Decor

What are some creative ways to decorate a bookshelf?

There are many ways to decorate a bookshelf, including adding decorative objects such as vases, figurines, and picture frames. You can also add plants, candles, and other items to add color and texture. Consider arranging your books by color or size for a more visually appealing display.

How do I organize my books on a bookshelf?

There are many ways to organize books on a bookshelf. You can organize them alphabetically by author, genre, or by color. Consider using bookends or mixing vertical and horizontal stacks for a more interesting display.

How do I choose the right bookshelf for my space?

Consider the size and style of your room when choosing a bookshelf. If you have a small room, consider a narrow or corner bookshelf to save space. If you have a large room, you may want to choose a larger bookshelf or even multiple bookshelves. Additionally, consider the color and material of the bookshelf to ensure it fits with the overall style of your room.

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