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An air purifier in your baby’s room can help your baby to feel comfortable when they’re strolling around the house. Here are some of our favorite air purifier for your baby.

For you, a new parent, or who could be expecting a new baby, this is the right recommendation that you need to find the best air purifier for your baby.

As everyone knows, appliances like air purifier are designed to clean and improve the air quality in the home. With particulate city pollution, cleaning products, and general allergens, it is no surprise that these products are on the rise, as many are concerned about their air quality at home.

But did you know some air purifiers are not safe for babies and newborns? The safest forms of air purifiers for children use a true HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter and an Activated Carbon Filter. On the other side, parents should void unsafe air purifier that uses Ozone Generators and Ionizer on their product.

So here you go! These are our 5 best air purifier for baby that you can consider choosing to accompany when they are busy playing along.

5. Ameifu H13 Hepa Air Purifier Cleaner

Equip with H13 True HEPA filter and high-efficiency system, Ameifu air purifier filter 99,97% of particulates such as bad odors, air pollution, smoke, and pet danger. It also leaves the air in your home fresh and healthy. 

It can effectively improve indoor air quality for a room as large as 376.74 square feet / 35 m². A great home companion for anyone who is allergic, a smoker, pet danger suffering, or just wants to breathe cleaner air.

The fan in this model also cleans the air with less noise than a whisper at a low 18 dB, and the screen turns off automatically after one minute, relaxing to use as your baby is sleeping or busy playing. No need to worry, the fan speeds and auto-mode can be selected according to the actual need when you’re using it. Sounds like the best air purifier for a baby, isn’t it?

Dimensions: 7,33”D x 7,29”W x 7,1”H | Weight: 2,9 lbs / 1,3 kg | Colors: White, Black

★★★★★ 4.1 of 5 | 489 Ratings

“I bought this airpurifier few days ago. and I put it in my bedroom. It works great, I love it.” –Sergio Pucci, January 13, 2023, on Amazon

4. Honeywell InSight HEPA Air Purifier 

The Honeywell InSight air purifier is equipped with powerful filtration. There are two filters in it—a pre-filter and a certified HEPA filter. The first filtration helps capture large particles such as dust, lint, fibers, and pet fur and helps to reduce VOCs and odors from cooking, smoking, bathrooms, and pets.  

Meanwhile, the HEPA filter helps capture up to 99,97% of microscopic allergens, 0,3 microns, and larger from any air passing through the filter. This air purifier also can help capture bad particles in extra large rooms (4,8 x air changes per hour in 500 square feet). In addition, the carbon-activated pre-filter helps trap larger particles and helps reduce odors and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

The Honeywell InSight air purifier supply with a VOC Sensor that detects the level of VOCs in a room. The Air Quality Indicator light will illuminate either green: when VOC in the surrounding area is very low, yellow: if the VOC level is moderate, or red if there’s an elevated level of VOCs in the surrounding area.

These features are not only good for providing easy-read information but are also interesting for the baby’s eye. The cutting-edge design displays device also helps to prevent incidents if one day your baby is curious to touch it, making it one of the brands in our best air purifier for baby’s list that you should consider it.

Dimensions: 10.8”D x 19.1”W x 22.3”H | Weight: 20,50 lbs / 9,2 kg | Colors: White, Black 

★★★★★ 4.6 of 5 | 609 Ratings

“This Honeywell air cleaner is AMAZING..I absolutely love it. Within the first 4 hours of use my sneezing and chest congestion was 100% improvement.” —Erich Drettmann, January 8, 2023 on Amazon

3. Instant HEPA Quiet Air Purifier 

Instant’s Air Purifier uses sophisticated technology to deliver cleaner air, giving good quality air to your loved ones. It also removes 99,9% of other viruses and bacteria from treated air. And the built-in sensors monitor the air quality and adjust the fan speed automatically, to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The advanced filtration system in this model includes one of the must-have features of best air purifier for baby: HEPA-13 filter with a carbon layer that captures 99,97% of dust, dander, smoke, and other ultrafine impurities in the air and helps reduce smells. 

Instant Air Purifier will tarts delivering cleaner air for your baby in minutes and completely recycles the room’s air 5 times per hour. 

Dimensions: 9.83”D x 9.83”W x 16.54”H | Weight: 6 lb / 2,7 kg | Colors: Pearl, Charcoal

★★★★★ 4.7 of 5 | 80,957 Ratings

“This air purifier works great. Haven’t had any issues with and it’s been a year since I bought it.” –Alicia Ames, January 15, 2023, on Amazon

2. Levoit Core 300 

Levoit air purifier Core 300 is one of the best air purifier for baby. It’s ozone free and does not use potentially harmful UVC light. This model also has three layers of filters for a truly deep clean. 

Meanwhile, its patented VortexAir Technology spreads fresh air to every corner of the room, while its effective 3-stage filtration system captures 99,7% of 0,3 microns in size. One of the best air that is safe to put near your baby and you should consider buying it.

Dimensions: 4.4”D x 8.7”W x 24”H | Weight: 7,5 lb / 3,4 kg | Colors: Cream White, Dark Black, Smart Core 300s

★★★★★ 4.7 of 5 | 80,957 Ratings

“Fantastic. Regular filter typically works great. Have allergies plus it also provides a level of protection from covid by proving ventilation.” –Lena, January 18, 2023 on Amazon

1. Mila Air Purifier with Rookie Parent Filter 

Air Purifiers for Baby Mila 1

Mila is one of the first air purifier to offer a guaranteed level of cleanliness. Parents will know exactly what their home air quality is and how long it’ll take to achieve their target air quality index (AQI), regardless of the size of the room. 

And the important thing is, this Mila air purifier will bring protection for the baby, especially with the filter that is designed for young families. Designed with 45 feet square of high-grade HEPA and a hefty carbon insert (0,70 lbs), the Rookie Parent effectively cleans the air you and your littles breathe, and is specially designed to tackle stinky odors and VOCs. 

This modern home essential also keeps you connected by showing you real-time air quality data and includes thoughtful features like Bubble Boy mode, to keep your AQI levels as low as possible, no matter what. 

It even includes a Child Lock to keep tiny fingers away. And if you want an update on your air, you can just ask Mila. You can access this through the app that is available on iOS, and Android. And the best part is that Mila’s always getting smarter, with meaningful updates regularly. Without a doubt, this is one of our top picks for the best air purifier for baby.

Dimensions: 7.8”D x 14.9”W x 23.6”H | Weight: 15.4 lb / 7 kg | Colors: Rookie Parent, Basic Breather, Big Sneeze, Critter Cuddler, Home Wrecker, Mama-to-Be, Overreactor.

★★★★★ 4.8 of 5 | 94 Ratings

“Absolutely amazing. Worth every penny. The app works very well.” –Darren, January 6, 2023, on Amazon


As a parent, we for sure want the best for our kids, like creating a comfortable environment where they can express themselves and grow in there. That’s why we have to be careful in choosing what things to put in their room, including the air purifier.

After rounding up our list, the 10expert team must say Mila Air Purifier with Rookie Parent Filter is the best. It is equipped with a must-have feature: a HEPA filter. Their features such as Bubble Boy mode where the air purifier works to fight against bad particles to put AQI levels as low as they can.


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