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The AJ Table Lamp by Louis Poulsen is an iconic object characterized by its aesthetically beautiful tapering lines and streamlined contour. A piece designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1960 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, which Jacobsen also designed as an architect and was dubbed “the world’s first designer hotel.” The AJ Table Lamp is a remarkable representation of subtle elegance. The white inside of the lamp’s shade softens the light, and the famous AJ Table Lamp will fit right into your stylish home.

The minimalist design of this AJ Table lamp’s frame and the shade’s muted tones make it versatile enough to complement a wide variety of interior color schemes. In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for minimalist furniture, which has been boosted by the growth of minimalist and otherwise plain new residences. This makes sense, as some criteria for such items are also compatible with the design of a minimalist and primary home. 

Minimalist furniture is an excellent choice for people seeking to create a modern, contemporary ambiance at home. It features basic, contemporary designs that are both functional and attractive to the eye. Table lamps are a great addition to any room. They provide ambient light, subtly illuminating the space and creating a cozy atmosphere. With modern designs, they not only serve as practical lighting but also add style and personality to the room.

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Meet the Designer


Jacobsen Arne was born and raised in the city of Copenhagen. In 1927, he graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen with a degree in architecture. After he finished school, he got his first job at the City Architect of Copenhagen office. Two years later, he opened his own office. Arne Jacobsen is a Danish modernist architect who is known all over the world. There are many of his buildings in Denmark, Germany, and the UK.

In 1960, Arne Jacobsen created the AJ lamp collection for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. A hotel’s lighting fixture became integral to the room’s aesthetic. In addition to other hotel fixtures, AJ lights have gone on to become well-known lighting solutions all around the world. Jacobsen’s AJ Lamp was a part of the hotel’s overarching design idea alongside the AJ Royal pendant.

Aside from designing the hotel from top to bottom for SAS (Scandinavian Airlines), Arne Jacobsen also created practically all of the hotel’s unique furnishings and utility items. The AJ family has become the design for which the Danish architect is most well-known today. The original AJ line included a wall sconce, a small table lamp, and a table lamp clipped onto a table’s surface.

Traditional AJ lights have been a fan favorite for almost 50 years, including table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces. As lovely as the AJ table lamp is, the AJ pendant lamp has received less attention. The housing generates a gentle glow that shines through the shade’s top slats. Select a color from the list: crimson, petroleum, aubergine, yellow ochre, midnight blue, dark green, dark grey, light grey, white, and black.

A blend of oblique and right angles, as in the AJ Lamp. In addition, like the AJ Pendant, it came in white, dark brown, and black at first. Several hotel rooms had copper and stainless steel versions of the AJ Lamp. In keeping with Arne Jacobsen’s aesthetic, all iterations of the AJ Lamp have been brought back to life in their original stainless steel form, which reflects its environment and draws attention to the lamp’s simple, recognizable form and faultless light output.

The Advantages of AJ Table Lamp

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The AJ Table Lamp is a tiny workplace and nightstand light. It has a slanted diffuser with an inclined aperture that sends a beam without glare downwards and across surfaces below. The exterior of the diffuser is composed of zinc die casting, while the stem and base are composed of stainless steel.

A handy workplace or nightstand light, the AJ Table Lamp is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. A glare-free beam is projected downwards and across surfaces below, thanks to the tilted diffuser and aperture. The diffuser’s housing is manufactured from die-cast zinc, while the stem and base are built from stainless steel. A spectrum of color choices is at your disposal. 

A 240-centimeter power cord is included with the AJ Table Lamp, which is 21.5 centimeters broad and 56 centimeters tall. The on/off switch is situated on the cable, making the lamp relatively portable despite its 2.1-kilogram weight. The shade may be adjusted in multiple ways thanks to a hidden joint, and the luminaire can use either one standard or one compact fluorescent bulb (E27), both of which are sold separately. The Height of a Single Lamp or Plant in a 130cm Vase Planter/Lamp Base, Vase Size: 130cm Single-Light 130cm Vase, for Plants or Lighting Serralunga.

If you want to direct more or less light in a certain direction, just tilt the shade. The interior of the shade is coated white to produce a soothing glow. The light from the chandelier shines downward. Light can be directed where it is needed most by changing the shade’s tilt. The inner surface of the shade is painted white to create a soothing glow. All of the light from the fixture is pointed down. One can modify the shade’s inclination to control how much light enters the room. The inside surface of the shade is painted white to produce a warm, inviting glow.

Colors can alter our bodies and engage our senses. Colors can be utilized to differentiate, organize, and perceive objects. In addition to black, white, and pale petroleum, the new collection includes seven more hues: dark green, yellow ochre, rusty red, midnight blue, aubergine, and two tones of grey. Arne Jacobsen’s universe informs the selection of hues for the AJ lamp, which are selected based on how well they accentuate its essence.

AJ Table Lamp is a stylish and functional reading light. Its tilting shade allows you to customize the light output, while its sleek profile takes up minimal space on your desk. Plus, it’s easy to move around – perfect for when you need a little extra light in a corner or next to your bed.


If you need a table lamp for your workplace, look no further than AJ Table lamp. Its 21.4-inch height is ideal for a table or desk, and its 7-pound weight ensures it won’t topple over accidentally. The AJ Table Lamp’s cord is 108 inches long, allowing you to set it up exactly where needed. Furthermore, the AJ Mini Table Lamp is an excellent option for any business or corporate environment. Its 17.2-inch height makes it ideal for use on a table or desk, and its 2-pound weight makes it convenient to move around. The AJ Mini Table Lamp has a 108-inch long power cord, allowing you to set it up precisely where it will be most useful.

The AJ Table Lamp is a fashionable and functional lighting fixture. It is composed of high-quality materials, including die-cast zinc and steel, and is painted for a professional appearance. The lamp shade and support leg are both made of steel, while the lamp foot is made of die-cast zinc. The power cable is constructed from plastic, rendering it sturdy and long-lasting. This lamp is ideal for any workplace or workspace, and its robust and focused light makes it suitable for reading or computer work.

The AJ Table Lamp is a versatile lighting solution for your home or office. The tilting head and adjustable height make it easy to customize the light to your needs, while the integrated on/off switch makes it easy to control. The E27 bulb socket accommodates a range of bulbs, from 20 to 60 Watts, providing up to 600 lumens of light. Whether working on a project or reading a book, the AJ Table Lamp is perfect for any task.

Where to Buy

When looking to buy the AJ Table Lamp, the best place to start is www.dwr.com. This website offers a great selection of quality lamps at competitive prices. Choose from several different color options and a range of sizes so you can find the perfect one to fit your needs. Plus, delivery is free and fast, so you can have your new lamp in no time. Shopping for the AJ Table Lamp online has always been challenging!


Taking into account all available possibilities, it is easy to see why the AJ Table Lamp is the ideal solution for any residence. This fashionable and adaptable light may be paired with a number of interior design styles, delivering both function and beauty. You may select an AJ Table Lamp that meets your demands and fits your budget thanks to its height-adjustable design and cheap pricing. Whether you’re searching for job lighting or a decorative accent, this lamp is certain to become a focal point in your house.

FAQ About the AJ Table Lamp

How to care for the AJ Table Lamp?

A soft cloth can be used to clean the surface. Use lukewarm water with a small bit of dish detergent if necessary.

Why do I have to buy an AJ Table Lamp?

This stylish and versatile piece is sure to make a great addition to any room the AJ Table Lamp can be adjusted up and down for optimal lighting.

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